Transportation Resources

Transportation resources
Royal Railways – Cambodia

Flight Websites/Apps

You can easily cut down on the cost of flights and explore new destinations using Skyscanner and app in the air. There’s many other options, including Google Flights, Kayak, Orbitz, Kiwi, etc., but these two are my favorites. App in the air allows users to check their carbon footprint and shows which flights offer Wi-Fi, extra legroom, TVs, or outlets.


Rome2Rio has all the resources. It shows numerous options of ferry, train, bus, flight and even taxi combinations to get you to your final destination. You can’t book anything on the app, but it’ll show some websites and companies.


Omio let’s users compare flights, trains, buses and ferries. The website is particularly good for buses and trains around Europe, the US and Canada.

The Man in Seat 61

Check out The Man in Seat 61 for information and schedules to navigate trains in numerous countries in every continent.


If you’re looking to save some money, travel sustainably, and potentially make a new friend, check out BlaBlaCar. The app is a carpool platform that connects you with drivers who want to save some money on gas and meet some new people.


Many bus options you’ll find on the travel apps in Europe, US and Canada will be FlixBus.


You can find bus, train and flight options in numerous countries around the world, but 12Go has most of their routes in Southeast Asia.


Trainline provides bus and train options for most of Western Europe. While it may be expensive, a railcard can help to cut down your costs.

Local Public Transport

Especially when traveling can become expensive, a great way to cut down costs is through public transportation. Check out apps for public transportation in Reykjavik and Berlin.

Local Transport cont.

While some countries may have applications to make public transportation easier, many other countries like the United States or Turkey will not. Use your resources and ask a fellow traveler or someone at your hostel/hotel how it works. It won’t always be straightforward. Some ticket kiosks will be at the station and others might be inside a convenience store, whereas others might be on an app.

Domestic Transport

While you can often use Flixbus, Omio or 12Go to get around, sometimes you won’t have those resources. Ask around or do some research to find out what the bus or train system is to get around the country. Check out sites for trains in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Accommodation Resources

Accommodation resources
Traditional Danish home


Hostelworld will always be my favorite tool to get the most out of a backpacking adventure. While it’s a great way to save money, you can seamlessly make new friends in the process! If you’re really looking to cut down costs, you can even Workaway opportunities at hostels.


It might be hard to find someone nowadays who hasn’t heard of Airbnb before. We all know how expensive it can get and the variety of options you might find, but it can also be a way to save some money if you’re not traveling solo!


Couchsurfing is a site that allows travelers to connect with hosts and stay on their couch or in a guestroom for free. Not only is it a great way to connect with a local, but it’s also an opportunity to learn a bit more about where you’re traveling!


Workaway provides opportunities to exchange work for housing, food and potentially more. It’s an easy way to slow-travel for cheap and gain some experience without needing a work visa! While Workaway charges an annual fee, the amount you save during your time volunteering easily makes up for it!


If you’ve landed yourself in a more remote location without any hostels, check out Agoda or for some cheap housing options. However, I would recommend using other sites if you can.