My Camera

I use an Olympus evolt E-300 and a Sony A7iv for all my portfolio photos. I have learned how to take most of my photos through the Olympus, but recently upgraded to the Sony. The Olympus is not the greatest camera to use for night photos or for more advanced photography, but I have enjoyed using it as a starting point. With that being said, you don’t really need a really high quality camera to take good travel photos, but a good one can make a big difference.

If you are not sure about whether or not you really want to get into photography, or you don’t want to break the bank to get your hands on a camera, I would recommend the Olympus evolt E-300. It’s great for getting your portfolio started! The camera comes with just 1 GB of memory, but you can buy a new SIM card and upgrade. I bought a 512 GB SIM to upgrade it.

As far as recommendations go, the Sony A7iv is one of the top travel cameras out there. If you’re looking for something for video content, consider getting an Insta 360. As the name depicts, it is a 360 degree camera that puts together high-quality pictures, videos and time-lapses. I love the feature they have with their selfie stick that disappears while a video is taken. I got mine used and I would recommend it to anyone else looking to get some different kind of photography.