Welcome to my journey! I’m Andrew!

My travel journey began in 2017 with my semester abroad in Beijing. With the opportunity to slow-travel, I have made lifelong connections with my classmates and family and experienced the true diversity within Chinese cuisine.

I started studying in Toronto the following year. Small trips to Iceland and Germany came after in 2018 and 2019, before things kicked off in 2020. After COVID cancelled my trip to Valencia, I spontaneously moved to St. Maarten a couple months later for the fall semester. I spent my final semester in Thailand in the spring of 2021, and after that, I never wanted things to stop.

Even though COVID threw my career plans off the edge, I ended up spending the next year taking an inadvertent gap year. After saving a bit of money, I spent three months backpacking around Europe and Western Asia before heading to Berlin to work an internship over the winter. I combined these six months with short and long-term travel, hopping from country to country before settling down for four months.

While waiting for my Master’s applications to come back, I spent the summer volunteering on the outskirts of Hanoi, Vietnam. First, I taught English to middle and high school students while staying with a host family. Then, after a month, I spent the next couple of months traveling around Cambodia and Thailand.

My goal is to move around the world, allowing my life become a non-stop adventure of slow travel. I hope to land in unique destinations and inspire others to explore and connect with places they wouldn’t expect themselves in. What’s most important is that I don’t want travel to be viewed as an unimaginable expense, and I hope to provide suggestions for people who want to see the world without having to spend a fortune.

My favorite:


  • London, GB
  • Bangkok, TH
  • Kotor, ME
  • Berlin, DE
  • Battambang, KH
  • Beijing, CN
  • Bishkek, KG
  • Istanbul, TR

Bucket list

  • Bhutan
  • Rwanda
  • Dominica
  • Norway
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
Journey to the Vatican