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Let’s make travel a little less daunting! I want to help you become your own definition of what it means to be a traveler. Let’s find ways to travel in more meaningful, less expensive, and alternative ways to the norm!

Traveling doesn’t always have to come in the form of a cruise, tour, luxury resort, or what you might find on TripAdvisor. It can be something as simple as finding a Workaway experience in the next town over or going on a hike. But it can also come in the form of hitchhiking in Indonesia and couchsurfing! It can be frightening at first, but my goal is to help you feel comfortable in an unfamiliar place. Try a new food you’ve never seen before, or maybe start up a conversation with a local! You’re not always going to be right in your comfort zone, but you’ll be gaining new experiences and opening your mind to new perspectives. It can be something as different as experiencing new customs, or even just seeing different ways of driving.

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My goal is to help you connect with places in ways you haven’t been able to before. Let’s make new friends around the world in unexpected, spontaneous, and unconventional ways! Once you start, the world starts to feel like it holds a never-ending adventure.

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Hi! I’m Andrew!

I’ve always had a fascination with maps. I used to dream of going someplace new and trying the “real” cuisine of something I’d eat at home. Once I went on my first independent trip, I was fully hooked.

My travel journey started with a exchange semester with a host-stay family in Beijing. I studied with my host brother at his high school, ate home made food and played basketball and ping pong everyday. I loved the connections made, the opportunities to travel around China and the wanderlust that ensued.